Thursday, April 20, 2006

Avoid Paying for Past Performance

Wow, this is a man that needs more media training. Seriously.

City TV has all 23:41 of the newser here. (if that link doesn't work, you can paste into your media player - I wish more media outlets provided raw feed. Refreshing not to have your news packaged for you. Thank you City!)

In all fairness, after watching the full clip, JFJ is for the most part excellent. It's no easy task facing the media hordes in this town. I just wish he'd emote a bit more and stop talking like a poorly scripted DA in a made for TV movie. It's hockey John - a game we love - no need to prevaricate like John Woo.

Highlights (or lowlights, depending on your point of view): Steve Simmons at 6:22; Total head-shaker at 12:20 (try to reconcile that with statements at about 20:30); Big no-no at 17:23 (don't argue, don't explain, just stick to your key messages); and an interesting exchange with Howard Berger at the 22 minute mark.


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