Thursday, April 06, 2006


Make it 3-7 in shootouts for the Blue and White this year as they go down to the Bruins 3-2.

The Leaf shooters are now officially 4 for 24 on these game-deciding breakaway contests.

Boston went 2 for 2 in the irony column with Czerkawski opening the scoring and Boyes putting the Leafs on ice in the shootout.

Once again, I have to wonder why Quinn went with the Sundin, Tucker and Ponikarovsky trifecta. If I was at the craps table with Quinn holding the dice, I'd be wagering on the don't pass bet. I also have to wonder how a supposedly hungry team opens the game with 2 shots in the first 20 minutes. What did they think this was, a game 7 against New Jersey?

To date, here's how the Leafs have fared this season (and if anyone can fill me in on how to remove the three miles of blank space between this sentence and my table, I'd be really grateful.)

PlayerShotsGoalsShooting %

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