Friday, July 14, 2006

One of these things is not like the other...

...One of these things just isn't the same

Man, talk about a game of broken telephone. Keeping track of the Leafs final signings through the sports pages is like trying to watch Rashomon after having a few too many. Actually, it's more like listening to teenagers discuss who likes whom more...

Here's what three of the big four had to say on July 14, 2007 about impending changes to the Leafs roster. (The Subscription-required Post filed on Leaf prospects learning to cook - good thing that story's only for paid subscribers...)


According to the Globe, "Don Meehan, the agent for Peca, has been waiting to hear back from Ferguson after Peca expressed his interest last week in playing for the Leafs."

This is the same message carried in the Star "John Ferguson has not spoken with Peca's agent Don Meehan in more than a week."

The Sun is a bit disingenious with their coverage of Peca, stating rather obtusely - "Ferguson, meanwhile, said the club remains in talks with Michael Peca."

I guess it all depends on what your definition of "talks" is. Mine would be actually talking.


The Globe goes headline and sub-head with the news, "Lindros ready to change address: Free-agent forward looks around after Leafs won't budge from offer" this is the angle that the Sun is in total agreement with, "there is little chance of Eric Lindros returning if he wants to be paid more than $750,000."

The scribes at 1 Yonge Street get a bit creative with their sub-head stating, "Lindros could also be back in T.O. for $1 million a year." While that sub-head is literally true, it doesn't exactly capture the apparent state of negotiations between the two sides. By the Star's logic, Lindros could also be back in T.O. if the Leafs paid him half of Edie Belfour's Billion dollar offer.


Everyone agrees the new NHL is all about speed, so it makes perfect sense to sign Allison. I guess this guy wasn't available.

If Allison was a gangster they'd have to hold a vote to narrow down his mobster handle, there are just too many possibilities: "Molasses"; "Cement Boots"; "the Zamboni"; "Dead Snail"; "The Tranquilized Sloth"; "Wet Greens" (ok, that last one kinda sucked) but seriously, is there a slow joke that doesn't apply to this guy? Here's one: if Allison raced Bengie Molina you'd need a calendar to time them. Ugh.

The Globe reports that the "Leafs still have mild interest in Jason Allison..." The Sun is pretty mum on this one: "Talks with Jason Allison continue.." while the Star states that "the team is closer to re-signing Jason Allison and Eric Lindros...Allison, in particular, is lobbying very hard to make a return to the Leafs after scoring 60 points last season" but the best part of the article (a must-read, really) is the wonderfully detailed six paragraphs on why signing Allison doesn't make any sense.

If I were in JFJ's shoes, I'd be looking at teams that are having cap issues (hello New Jersey!) and trying to figure out how to move some of the Leafs cheap, young D prospects for a younger forward who can help the Leafs score in five-on-five situations.


  1. Gomer would be great, but how many centers can we have?

  2. Funny you should mention that Ninja, I was actually going to post about the Leafs strange collection of forwards. If you look at the Leafs top 15 by their natural position they have seven centres, five on left wing and three on the right. Obviously, a few of the centres will have switch to the wing to balance things out.

    That said, I still think JFJ needs to find someone who can generate offence 5 on 5 and, outside of the few remaining free agents, teams in cap or RFA trouble are the likeliest source.

  3. They have a lot of centres - but none you want to use in the position on a regular basis. I'd rather have some experienced name guys in the position and put the kids on the wing.

    NJ: It's not like Lou isn't imagining his RFA's are going to cost a lot. Even if anyone makes an offer, he'll match it. His plan has probably been to sign them all and move another body anyway - an offer sheet would just speed the process, and he can remain over the cap until the season starts anyway.

  4. You only want to move so many of the kids to the wing. I would guess that the Leafs will have Mats, Peca, Wellwood, and Stajan as their centres and Antro, Pohl, and Steen as converted wingers.

    I do think that A trade is likely to come (mostly since JFJ has already been shopping Carlo to an extect) because they have so many bodies that they could move.

  5. If I were in JFJ's shoes, I'd be looking at teams that are having cap issues (hello New Jersey!) and trying to figure out how to move some of the Leafs cheap, young D prospects for a younger forward who can help the Leafs score in five-on-five situations.

    I'm amazed the Leafs even have any cheap, young prospects after years of trading away picks for elder statesmen. Let the kids play, for cryin' out loud. It ain't gonna be any worse.

  6. Temujin - While I agree with your sentiments, I'd say the numbers simply don't add up.

    The Leafs have only two spots open on D for at least the next three years. They also have at least five bodies to fill those two spots (Cola; White; Harrison; Kronwall; Pilar; and Bell) plus whatever else is in the draft cupboard/junior system.

    A GM wouldn't be doing his job if he wasn't looking for ways to move what he has a surplus of (in the Leafs case: young, cheap D) for what the team lacks (a proven 5 on 5 scorer).