Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Michael Lewis' New Book

Michael Lewis' Moneyball may be the best book I read in 2005.

Fantasyland is hand's down the best book I've read so far in 2006.

I never would have guessed two non-fiction books about baseball would be my top two book picks from the past few years. (And Jim Bouton's Ball Four is threatening to crack the top 5. It's odd to think that baseball, a sport I'm rather impartial to at best, would represent 60% of my best books list.)

Now Michael Lewis is back with a book that's ostensibly about College football, a sport I know next to nothing about. The New York Times ran an excerpt on Sunday, which you really should read here (free registration likely required). Fantastic stuff. (Lewis also wrote a very intriguing piece on Mike Leach the coach of Texas Tech in the New York Times in December, 2005.)

All this great sports writing makes me wonder where the great books on hockey are (I should say non-fiction hockey books, as Mark Anthony Jarman's Salvage King, Ya! more than qualifies as a great read).

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