Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day O'Links

Over at JABS, Chris Young takes a look at Penalties Drawn. And on the topic of penalties, Hockey Numbers has new stats on Diving.

Deadspin has a blurb on Motorhead sponsoring a soccer team in the UK. Given the sorry state of music at NHL games, you'd think someone would show Lemmy at little love.


  1. Oh, come on. Doesn't your heart get pumping when you hear, "Cotton Eye Joe"?

    That's some fantastic music, boy.

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  3. I think other blogs have done a great job on the music at the game, here, and here.

    I just wish there was a bit more diversity and a bit more modernity. The music at the ACC sounds like it was programmed in about 1994 and hasn't been updated since. I'm ok with not hearing Quiet Riot, Cotton-Eyed Joe and the Final Countdown* for another decade.

    *unless it's accompanying one of GOB's magic acts then I'm totally down with it.