Thursday, April 05, 2007

No Logo

According to Damien Cox's mail bag, the Leafs will not be getting a new logo next year as part of the new Reebok uniform "system." (skip to the last question for details).

I had a cold-medicine fueled dream last night that the Leafs lost to the Isles and refused to even dress for the game on Saturday night against the Habs. They cleaned out their locker after game 81 and went home. I have no idea what this means other than I might need to cut back the over-the-counter meds.

The Leafs' strongest tradition, other than 40 years of not winning anything, might be making mediocre goalies look good (sadly, they can't work this magic on Raycroft). Anyone remember Alan Bester's mini-comeback with the Dallas Stars a decade or so back? Man, the Leafs couldn't put a puck past the guy with the biggest five hole in the history of the game. They should have picked up Sergio Momesso just for that single game, he'd show them how it's done.

Tonight it's Wade Dubielewicz who gets the honours of being hit in the chest by Leaf shooters until he looks like the next Bernie Parent/Patrick Roy/ Marty Brodeur. Hopefully the Leafs will just pretend their shooting on Lalime and the puck will magically find the back of the net.

No prediction on tonight's game other than it will likely give me an ulcer and/or grey hair.

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