Monday, June 25, 2007

UPDATED: The Leafs Cap

Here's (yet) another look at the Leafs salary cap situation.

At the very least, it's likely that 2 forwards will be added and one defenceman will be playing with the Marlies. As well, under section 50.5 of the CBA, teams can exceed the cap by 10% from July 1 to the last day of training camp, so who knows how the Leafs' cap will break down. That said, by my math they're going to have to find about $3 to $5M in cap savings to take a run at a big name UFA.

12 Forwards: $20,411,000

  1. Antropov
  2. Belak
  3. Bell
  4. Devereaux
  5. Kilger
  6. Pohl
  7. Ponikarovsky
  8. Stajan
  9. Steen
  10. Sundin
  11. Tucker
  12. Wellwood

8 Defence: $20,829,328

  1. Coliachovo
  2. Gill
  3. Kaberle
  4. Kronwall
  5. Kubina
  6. McCabe
  7. White
  8. Wozniewski

2 Goalies: $3,375,000

Belfour's Buy-out: $770,000

SUB-TOTAL: $45,335,328

Cap room remaining: approximately $2 ~ $2.5 million (presumes a $48/49 million cap with some flex room left over for short-term injuries)


  1. It definitely makes things look a bit better!

    I would guess that the Leafs probably play Williams and overpay on one big UFA forward to make the 12 with utility man Belak filling in where needed.

    As for a backup, I like the Manny Fernandez rumours and maybe the Wild would like a guy like White or Woz.

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  3. move belak to forward. with kronwall signed to a one way deal there is little chance belak will be on defence.
    ondrus and newburry and williams and belak make 14 forwards.
    battaglia might be back at 500-600k.
    thats 15.
    the leafs really only need one/two forwards.
    i can see aubin coming back to save cap space too... or mikka norronen maybe.

  4. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Is Norronen a UFA? We should be all over him, Backstrom or Joseph to challenge/ usurp Raycroft.

  5. Big Bert with Wellwood and Sundin? Would he survive the media is the question.

  6. Ninja - I think Bert's days as a top-line guy are done. He can be effective when he's a depth guy on a team like Detroit...

    I'm sure some GM will shovel money at him, paying for past performance, I just hope it's not JFJ doing the shovelling.

  7. I hear ya. I think he could be had for cheap, and that's why I thought of it. And because the crop of top wingers isn't that tempting. Gomer's been my pick for a while, but we don't need a center. We've had too many centers for a decade now.

  8. I'd rather the team fold than pick up Bert.

    Carlo signed. 3 years at $1.283 per.