Friday, January 11, 2008

Is JFJ Finally Done?

According to Dave Shoalts at the Globe (as of 2:11 PM on January 11, 2008):

It appears John Ferguson will not serve out the final months of his contract as general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
In light of the Maple Leafs' most recent losing streak, which culminated in a 5-2 loss Thursday night to the last-place team in the NHL, the Los Angeles Kings, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment president Richard Peddie said Friday morning that the board will be discussing Ferguson's future very soon. His contract expires in June.
I'll believe it when I see it.

For a man that's alleged to have been fired more often than all of Trump's moronic apprentices combined, Ferguson has somehow managed to hold on to his job, bringing misery and despair to most corners of Leafs Nation.

How JFJ survived this long is one of the deepest darkest mysteries of the Toronto Maple Leafs. His reign of error is right up there with Jonus Hoglund on the first line, drafting thee players from the 1989 Belleville Bulls and why (despite the use of flip charts, sock puppets and singing-dancing animitronic defencemen) Woznieski still can't figure out that it's a minor penalty to shoot the puck over the glass in the defensive zone.

If JFJ is canned (and rightfully so) it will be interesting to see how MLSE can completely botch hiring a replacement and how quickly the interim GM deals away the Leafs lottery pick.


  1. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Not that it will actually accomplish anything, but you may be interested in my petition to fire Richard Peddie:

  2. Anonymous10:48 pm

    It's just another example of why this team will never advance so long as the current ownership structure remains intact. JFJ will be fired, the only question is whether it will be before the end of the regular season or after.

    Neither scenario helps the Leafs. It's hard to imagine how the Leafs could suddenly find a qualified person with excellent credentials to step into the GM role right now. A person like that is likely already employed and it's doubtful that their employer would be willing to let them go until the season is over. Unfortunately, we need someone now who can make the decision to sell off assets now to improve for the future. Does anyone want JFJ to be in charge of trading Sundin? I shudder at how little return he'd get for him.

    In all likelihood, the Leafs will keep JFJ for the remainder of the season and thus lose out on a superb chance to rebuild before the trading deadline. After the season is concluded there will no doubt be a larger pool of potential hires but the new GM won't have the opportunity to stockpile some young assets at the expense of a contender looking to bolster their lineup. At least not until 2009.

    Even then, it's difficult to see how they could attract someone of substance to take the job. Bowman might be interested still (it certainly seemed that way from his interview with Ron McLean) but he's already stated that his first condition is autonomy and it's doubtful Peddie will give it to him.

    An interview with the head of the Teacher's Fund this past week made it clear that as far as the Fund is concerned the Leafs are making an excellent return on their investment and there's no real need to change the management structure. It's therefore highly unlikely that we will see any significant change at the top and this most likely means that the Board will continue to insist on keeping their grubby fingers involved in all Leaf business. Bowman won't accept that, nor should he, and it's doubtful that anyone else of quality will do so either. Peddie said earlier this season that it was a mistake to hire a rookie GM, but honestly, with the limits the Board has placed on the GM's power, who else other than a rookie looking to start somewhere, anywhere, would even consider taking such a job?

  3. Worry not loyal leafers, I am on the case and taking care of this. Nevermind the fact that this is all part of my doing, I will rescue the franchise. I think we need a smart good looking, well dressed got it, I'm going to name myself interm-GM and show everyone (again) how great I am. I can't see how this can go wrong.