Tuesday, March 11, 2008

D'oh, the Humanity!

The Canadian Press is reporting that the Leafs' poor performance is now to blame for production cancellations at the CBC (feel free to pick your flavour - the Star and the Globe both ran the same CP wire story).

Apparently, without the playoff revenues generated by the large audiences that tune into post-season Leaf broadcasts, the CBC can't afford to keep crap quality programming like Hockey Wives and Jpod on the air.

I'll give 3-5 odds that, upon hearing this news, William Houston is likely lying on his floor, foaming at the mouth, and experiencing some serious out-of-body cognitive dissonance.

Given the history of the Leafs, it should come as no surprise that MLSE is to blame for crappy CBC shows getting the can. As anyone that's followed this organization for 70+ years can tell you, there's plenty of badly photoshopped evidence of just how much pain and suffering the Leafs have caused.

There was that little incident with the blimp:leafs to blimp captain - plenty of room on your left

Hurricane Katrina? Had MLSE's fingerprints all over it:
Leafs in the eye of the storm
And new evidence has emerged regarding the real architects of the war in Iraq...
Peddie knows what's best
Reader Chemmy sent this great one in:


  1. I just burst out laughing at work because of the Hindenburg photoshop.

  2. I'd like to submit the following photoshop in the same vein:

    It's on a newspaper it has to be true...

  3. I burst out at the Hurricane Katrina one. We ARE the centre of...well, maybe not the universe, but SOMETHING dammit!

  4. Anonymous2:31 pm

    You owe me one computer keyboard: mine now has quite a bit of tea in the (technical term) clicky bits as a result of the Hindenburg 'Shop.

    Well done (I didn't much like my keyboard anyway).

  5. Anonymous3:46 pm

    I was inspired by your post. I have drafted a series of capital-raising suggestions for the geniuses at CBC and posted them on my site here.

  6. Anonymous8:13 pm

    I have to say that those stories really stuck in my craw. Thanks for the great post. It really makes me feel better about the ordeal.