Friday, April 18, 2008

Sens Obit

As some of you may know, Greg Wyshnyski, formerly Deadspin's Hockey Closer, is now heading things up over at Yahoo's hockey blog. Greg was kind enough to ask me to write an obituary for the Ottawa Senators season and I was only too happy to do so.

The obit is now up and can be read here.

I can't wait to read the one for the Montreal Canadiens (and the sooner, the better).


  1. Beautiful eulogy my friend...

    I CANNOT BELIEVE Alfredsson would go and get that puck. That is just plain ridiculous. Shows where his priorities are. What a douche.

  2. Nice work.

    Have you begun work on next year's version yet?

  3. Navin - I have a lot of respect for Alfredsson, but that whole get the puck thing really rubbed me the wrong way. It's like players who smile on TV after their team has been eliminated. It's just wrong.

    DGB - I figure if I change the cause of death to choking, I can pretty much recycle this piece next year.

  4. Anonymous10:56 am

    Why would he get the puck? Considering that Chelios just played in his 248th playoff game, 100 isn't that big of a deal. I give Alfie credit this season for playing the final two games with a torn MCL but that move made no sense at all. Sort of like the Sens season as a whole, so maybe it was appropriate.