Thursday, March 19, 2009

There's a Place for us

So Cujo is making noise about not retiring. Great. Mike Zeisberger ran with it yesterday at the Sun and Dave Perkins picked up the lukewarm leftovers today at the Star.

As far as the Leafs go, this really is a non-story. One needs to look no further than Coach Wilson to realize that Cujo isn't in the Leafs plans:

"He can still be a backup somewhere [emphasis mine]," coach Ron Wilson said. "He was not what we expected but he's been good the past three or four games."

You'd think that quote would take the air out of the Cujo returns storyline (Somewhere?!?, Do you think Wilson meant the AHL or the stick hockey games in Cujo's basement?) but apparently not...

I realize there's space in the paper and call in shows to be filled and nature and sports media abhor a vacuum, but it's non-stories like this that make me abhor the vacuous.


  1. If not for his family situation, Fletcher would not have felt sorry for him and thrown him a contract. He should never have been signed after he walked out on the team because of his perceived slight during the 2002 Olympics. Although the starter hurt for much of the year, Joseph played even worse which left few options for the coach. See ya Cujo!

  2. Anonymous9:28 am

    All good points but the question is, can the Leafs find a dependable backup goaltender in the summer who will accept a one-year deal at $700k? Maybe Kolzig? Joseph's play for most of the season didn't warrant any talk of resigning him after this season, and obviously even his improved play of late has convinced Wilson that he's the answer, but if Joseph could play the entire season like he's played the past few games, he'd be the perfect guy to use as the backup, at least for one more year. He has the experience and the willingness to accept his role, both of which are crucial for a backup goalie on an inexperienced Leafs team that will have Toskala playing 65+ games next season.

  3. If Cujo doesn't retire, I may be forced to take him out back, behind the ACC, and beat the crap out of him, much like I did with Toskala.

    What, what else did you attribute Toskala's hot play before his surgery to?