Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Frogren is also cursed (that's bad)

One last word on Jonas Frogren (sorry).

I wanted to assemble a bit of timeline of how this situation went from a dispute over the interpretation of the CBA to the loss of a 4th round draft pick some nine months later.

Here are the key dates:

July 7 - The Leafs sign Jonas Frogren to a 2-year, $2.1M contract
July 10 - The NHL rejects Frogren's contract (a must read piece by Kevin McGran at the Star that pretty much nails every step of the Frogren saga that was to come. Seriously good stuff.)
July 11 - Expectation that the case will be grieved and resolved by autumn
August 7 - The NHLPA confirms that are grievance the NHL's decision to reject the contract
August 10 - The Hockey News looks at the Frogren situation and sits on the fence, "both sides are right to an extent."
August 11 - Frogren allowed to play under contract while the grievance is underway
November 8 - ESPN reports that if the Leafs lose the arbitation hearing they can simply re-sign Frogren to an entry level SPC
November 14 - The Globe and Mail reports the Frogren greivance is settled prior to the hearing taking place
April 1 - NHL states Leafs must forfeit 4th round pick and pay $500K fine for Frogren signing

I understand how both sides interpreted the CBA and their relative positions, but what I don't understand, and what I'd love to know, is what agreements were reached at the mid-November settlement? I'd also love to know how, five months after reaching an agreement, the NHL can apply sanctions against the Leafs...30+ journalists following this team and all we have are more questions.


  1. One more date I'd like to see: when did Frogren buy out his Swedish contract?

  2. It looks like Frogren bought out his contract sometime between July 7 and 11.

    I didn't include it in the coverage, but in early July (around the 4th or 5th) there was speculation at ESPN and the Star that MLSE, not Frogren, would buy-out the contract.