Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pre-season Fever - Avoid It!

What we should talk about when we talk about pre-season:

Which prospects get a look early and, ultimately, get into more games.

How prospects play and perform as the pre-season progresses and the competition gets tougher.

What’s the waiver status on the bubble guys, who’s got manageable cap hits and who’s possible trade bait?

Who needs a second look, who’s in decline and who can the team hide put on injury reserve or assign for conditioning stints to squeeze down to a 23 man roster without exposing players to waivers.

Great moves in the shoot-out.

What we shouldn’t talk about when we talk about pre-season:

Won-loss records (last year's Stanley Cup Champs went 1-7).

Projected regular season points.


Howard Berger’s incredible prognostication skills:
2007-08: Mark Bell is the NHL’s comeback player of the year
2007-08: Kyle Wellwood’s Absence - a terrible blow to the Leafs
2008-09: Leafs to finish dead last in the NHL


  1. Howard Berger is the anti-matter of the NHL universe.

  2. Paul Steckley10:16 pm

    Based on his previous projecions and those of Vukota for the 2009-10 season, it's obvious that Berger is somehow involved with that website. Both should be ignored. Hopefully they'll go away.