Friday, October 08, 2010

First Leaf Goals of the Year: 1995-2010

Each new hockey season supposedly brings with it plenty of hope for the faithful. After the debacle that was the first 10 games of the 2009-10 Leaf season, I'll happily forego hope and settle for relief.

It was great to see the Leafs get their first win right out of the gate. I never would have guessed that Tim Brent would be the first Leaf to light the lamp. Here's a quick look at who scored the Leafs' first goal of the season since 1995:

Year First Leaf Goal
1995-96 Zdenek Nedved
1996-97 Mike Craig
1997-98 Igor Korolev
1998-99 Sergei Berezin
1999-2000 Mats Sundin
2000-2001 Jonas Hoglund
2001-2002 Alexander Mogilny
2002-2003 Alexander Mogilny
2003-2004 Nik Antropov*
2005-06 Bryan McCabe
2006-07 Mats Sundin
2007-08 Nik Antropov
2008-09 Pavel Kubina
2009-10 Alexi Ponikarovsky
2010-11 Tim Brent

*The Leafs were shut-out by the dreaded Montreal Canadiens in the 2003 season opener, Nik Antropov had the first Leaf goal of the season in game two against the Washington Captials.

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  1. SOme great names on this list! I miss Berezin's puck hogging!