Sunday, December 28, 2008

Strange Victory, Strange Defeat

Leafs centre Matt Stajan is out indefinitely with an eye injury suffered while playing a warm-up game of soccer with his fellow Leafs. I certainly hope Stajan's injury isn't serious, but a soccer ball in a warm-up game? That's a new one for the pantheon of all-time dumb sports injuries:

    10. Matt Stajan, Toronto Maple Leafs, eye injury suffered during a pre-game soccer drill
    9. Erik Johnson, St. Louis Blues, knee injury suffered when he got his feet stuck in a golf cart
    8. Brandon Marshall, Denver Broncos, severe fore arm lacerations suffered while wrestling with his brother. He originally told the team he hurt his arm after slipping on a fast food wrapper.
    7. Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR, broken wrist suffered when he fell off the roof of a golf cart during a charity golf tournament
    6. Marty Cordova, Baltimore Orioles, minor skin burns after spending too long in a tanning bed
    5. Joe Sakic, Colorado Avalanche, injured finger trying to clear his snowblower
    4. Gus Ferrote, Washington Redskins, suffered a neck injury after headbutting the end zone wall to celebrate a touch-down
    3. Charles Barkley, Phoenix Suns, suffered burned corneas after he got lotion in his eye
    2. Ken Griffey, Cincinnati Reds, testicular trauma after getting caught in his cup
    1. Glen Allen Hill, Blue Jays, had a nightmare about spiders and (allegedly while still asleep) fell down a flight of stairs through a glass table.


  1. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Don't forget Brent Sopel and how he threw out his back picking up a cracker off the floor. :)

  2. Anonymous5:05 pm

    Or Rickey Henderson getting frostbite from falling asleep with an ice pack on his foot.

  3. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Or Joel Zumaya being unavailable for an entire playoff series because of Guitar Hero.

  4. Anonymous10:56 pm

    Lionel "the L-train" Simmons, Sacremento Kings: tendonitis in his wrist from playing nintendo (cough, masturbating, cough, cough).

    Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls, ten stitches in his arm after he sat down on a knife he had left in his own bed. Supposedly he was using the knife to "slice apples" (cough, jealous boyfriend, coughcough)

  5. Anonymous7:04 am

    Or how about Santiago Canizares who was ruled out of World Cup 2002 because he allegedly caught a falling aftershave bottle with his foot...

  6. Anonymous9:14 am

    Arturs Irbe attacked by his own dog Rambo

  7. Didn't Bobby Ojeda ruin his post-season by trimming the hedges?

  8. There are so many ridiculous sports injuries that someone needs to start a blog to just to keep track of them(a whole sub-category could be dedicated to dishes and dishwashers).

    Lowetide - That Bobby Ojeda injury sounds like a euphimism from one of the American Pie movies - I remember when surgeons reattached his finger and he made a comeback.

    Gary Smith wrote a pretty interesting piece about Odeja and the other families involved in that awful boating accident in Cleveland. Worth checking out if you can find it...