Thursday, April 20, 2006

Quinn Fired (Updated)

Breaking News (sort of) - Quinn was fired by JFJ at noon today.

You can read all about it here.

Media frenzy, speculation, finger-pointing, hand-wringing, belly aching sure to follow.

JFJ should also be shown the door, but I doubt he will.

Quinn is a good coach and a good hockey mind. I would have preferred to see him stay with the club in another capacity. I'm going to presume the politics of MLSE preclude this from happening - which is an awful thing to consider.

JFJ has pretty much bungled everything he's touched at the NHL level. He's done good, if not great, work in scouting, player development, cleaning up the Leafs' AHL situation. But he's been the anti-midas where it really matters.

Given JFJ's track record to date, I have little, if any faith, that he can make the appropriate hire to replace Quinn. The easy call is Paul Maurice and easy decisions are rarely good decisions.

Over under on Ted Nolan being cited as an ideal replacement on a fan discussion board? Gotta be within 10 minutes of the news being public...

Should have taken the over - Nolan comes up 16 minutes post-firing at the Star; 23 minutes at Maple Leafs Forever


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