Monday, September 18, 2006

Simmons remains a mystery

The longer we read Steve Simmons, the less we seem to know about him.

Every time he files a comlumn now, there is reason for suspicion, if not doubt. And as he filed his first columns from the opening of the Maple Leafs’ training camp, he wrote about Mats Sundin prevaricating.

Remember, this is a columnist who many years ago walked away from the sports beat. Turned his back on the one thing that can unite us all - across municipal, provincial and even national boundaries.

Then, just as suddenly, he returned.

This unusual double talk from Simmons just adds to the wonder about whether he really wants to file columns here anymore — and whether anything he writes can be completely believed.

This and that
Interesting that JFJ now has a blog, let's hope it drifts a bit from the standard key messages and talking points of MLSE press releases and provide some insight into a job many of us would push our grandfather down the stairs for.

Here and there
Later this week I'll be posting team by team reviews of the Leafs' rivals in the Northeastern division. I'll be kicking things off later today with an in-depth look at the Sabres from Tom at Sabre Rattling.

Scene and heard
First day of training camp under a new regime and poor Carlo Colaiacovo goes down with a mystery ailment, how refreshing is it not to hear the Leafs administration define it as an "upper body injury"...And hey, whatever became of Harvey Jackson?

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