Monday, January 08, 2007

Draft Schmaft

I've been doing my best to keep track of the Leafs while I'm half a world away. The 11 hour time difference means I'm listening to Leaf games while eating breakfast - it's an interesting change. In fact, the only North American sports coverage I've seen locally in the last two weeks are two wire photos from NBA games, both involving the Lakers. The slug line didn't even give the score.

Inspired by a recent comment from K_r_Raven, I wanted to see how Quinn's tenure as GM compared to JFJ's in terms of moving and acquiring draft picks.

In Quinn's four years as GM, he dealt 10 draft picks including one first round pick and three second round picks.

In JFJ's three years as GM, he's dealth five draft picks including one first round pick and one second round pick.

Coming back the other way, Quinn was able to acquire six draft picks, none higher than the second round.

JFJ has only added one draft pick to the Leafs cupboard acquired a sixth rounder from Dallas for Nathan Perrot and a fourth rounder for Tellqvist (thanks to Wardo for that update). Considering JFJ's alleged "build from within strategy" I was quite surprised by the fact that he has pursued other options (free agency, college players) rather than dealing spare parts for draft picks...wonder if that's a sign of things to come at the trade deadline.

Anyways, here's the big list - I'll let you guys decide what to make of it...

Draft Picks Traded by Pat Quinn
6th round to the Islanders as part of the Berard/Potvin deal
3rd round to Los Angeles for Yanic Perrault
2nd round to Boston for Dmitri Kristich
5th round to Tampa as part of the Darcy Tucker deal
6th round to Tampa as part of the Darcy Tucker deal
2nd round to LA for Aki Berg and Adam Mair
4th round to Carolina for Tom Borasso
1st round to San Jose for Owen Nolan
2nd round to Carolina for Glen Wesley
6th round to Montreal for Doug Gilmour

Draft Picks Acquired by Pat Quinn
6th round from the Islanders as part of the Berard/Potvin deal
2nd round from Chicago for Sylvain Cote
3rd round from Tampa for Todd Warriner
4th round from Tampa as part of the Darcy Tucker Deal
3rd round from Washington for Dmitri Kristich
3rd round from Chicago for Igor Korolev

Draft Picks Traded by JFJ
1st round to NYR for Leetch
2nd round to NYR for Leetch
4th round to Carolina for Francis
4th round to Carolina for Jeff O’Neill
5th round to Columbus for Luke Richardson

Draft Picks Acquired by JFJ
6th from Dallas for Nathan Perrot
4th from Phoenix for Michael Tellqvist


  1. Anonymous8:21 pm


    Hope the subcontinent is treating you well. Looking forward to hearing the stories when you get back.

    Take care.


  2. Anonymous12:18 pm

    In order to really assess the comparison, you'd have to know how those draft picks turned out. For every Sidney Crosby, there's ten Alexandre Daigles.

    None of the Leafs picks given up by either GM were very high in the draft. We won't know for a few years whether any of those prospects will turn into quality NHL players. Even if they do, the question arises if the Leafs would have picked that player with that pick.

    Given the Leaf's abysmal drafting record the past 20+ years, trading picks for players is probably the best thing recent Leaf GMs have done.

  3. Tellqvist netted Toronto a pick, didn't he?

  4. I'm really impressed that you went to the trouble to analyse my statement from a previous posting. I accepted as fact that it was Quinn who left the cupboard bare for JFJ, but this is not as clear cut after your in depth analysis. I guess it's safe to say JFJ has been doing a bad job all on his own.

    I was six the last time the Leafs won the cup. I was taught how to play goal at age eleven and twelve by the great Johnny Bower at Haliburton Hockey Haven. My career as a better than average beer leaguer was over nearly ten years ago. I'm still waiting for that next Leaf cup. I'm going to look into cryogenic freezing so my body can be resuscitated during a distant future Leafs cup run.>insert laugh here.

    I'm less interested in laying blame than I am in seeing this team succeed. Oh, and I do passionately despise the Montreal Canadiens.

  5. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Who doesn't?

  6. Ahhh, but it looks so nice in print! Oh how I'm lovin' the Habs losing streak, too!

  7. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Really amazing how JFJ has messed it up worse than Quinn ever did. It makes me thankful that we have Lou in New Jersey still...even if he has to play with the cap constantly. Come check us out at Not only do we have a huge Leaf forum but forums on all the other teams. I have a three hour difference the other way for my I understand.

  8. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Leafs will blow it AGAIN they should stop drafting Europeans but they won't. JFJ is in way over his head and yet when the Leafs try to hire someone to come in and help out, an older Head of hockey operations they all turn the Leafs down.

    Lets face it the Leafs are a laughing stock around the hockey world and no one with any self respect would ever take the Leafs GM job.