Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's Alright to Cry

My sister and I were exchanging emails today and she was amazed that I had no recollection of Free to Be You and Me. Apparently we owned the record and we were big fans of the television special too. (In my defence, I was about three when the whole thing hit. I doubt deep hypnosis could turn up any knowledge of it - though hypnosis might reveal why I was so freaked out by Big Foot when he took on the Six Million Dollar Man).

So I looked up Free to be You and Me and I quickly wondered, how bad can anything featuring all-pro defensive tackle Rosie Grier and a young Michael Jackson be?

Have a look for yourself and enjoy:

Now what does this have to do with hockey?

This video is clearly calling out for a remake - some NHL tough guy needs to put on his best silk shirt with a collar that could hide Garth Snow's shoulder pads, get an acoustic guitar (that he can pretend to play, badly) and belt out this wonderful song. Of course, the clips of folks crying would have to be updated with more modern content like, oh I don't know, maybe...

Ryan's SongLalime v. LeafsRoenick in OT
How's My Hair? Gelinas in OT Nagano
Tucker GolfsGM of the Year? NHL Executive of the Year!

Yeah, I know the Garth Snow clips aren't really on message and really have nothing to do with crying, but I figured it's an easy way to get people to watch an updated version of the video...if you want tears, consider this: a team run by Charles Wang and Garth Snow is doing better than a team iced by MLSE and JFJ. Ouch.

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