Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Playoff Odds

Seven games to go, three teams to leapfrog, will the Leafs make it?

Here are several great places to check-in and see how the math adds up for the Leafs (and the odds don't seem to be in the Leafs' favour, unless you were hoping they'd finish 11th.)

James Mirtle's Playoff Push
Hockey Numbers' Conference Projections
Zorak's Magic (and Tragic) Numbers
Hockey Analysis Projected Standings

1 comment:

  1. Of course those projections depend on past performance and the Markov Principle says that historical performance has nothing to do with future performance.

    That is why none of those programs account for the Leafs imminent 7 game winning streak.

    Also, did I read the Tragic number chart correctly:
    The Leafs cannot finish above;
    Atlanta - combination of 9 pts
    Rangers - 10 pts
    Tampa - 10 pts
    Mtl - 12 pts
    Car - 12 pts
    Islanders - 13 points