Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Eighth is Enough?

The lowest seeded team left in the playoffs is the New York Rangers who occupy the sixth spot in the East.

The Blue Shirts slipped through to the second round after playing a thoroughly disorganized, badly coached, Thrashers club. The Ranger's opposition only managed to squeeze into the three spot due to the NHL's bizarre seeding quirks and the bonus of playing half their games against the weak sisters of the South East division. By total points, the Thrashers were the fifth best team in the East, the Sens were number three. Anyone think the Rangers would have eliminated the Sens if that were the match up? Anyone?*

8th seed Islanders? Out in five.
8th seed Calgary? Couldn't win on the road. Their coach is likely toast
7th seed Minnesota? Crushed in five.
7th seed Lightning? Out in six - their top four worn out by just a single series.

Whatever happened to that the chorus of "Make the playoffs and anything can happen"?

Funny how it's fallen rather silent after just one round this year...

*As an aside, does anyone think the fans are well served by the seeding system? Wouldn't it made far more sense for the Rangers to have played the Sens and the Pens to have played the Thrashers, most likely setting up a second round match-up of Buffalo v. Pittsburgh/ Ottawa v. NJD?

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