Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Faith, you're driving me away (almost)

Leafs 3, Flyers 2 - Did anyone else suffer a heart attack this evening?

I was seriously ready to write this team off when Mike York made it 2-2. My faith in the Leafs a little more shaken...

I have a fabulous cold at the moment: a wet hacking cough that would make Zoolander's daddy happy, a nose more plugged up then the neutral zone at the Meadowlands and the odd fever and chills just to keep it interesting.

I watched tonight's game all hopped up on neo citron and other assorted cold meds and my lungs sounding like I'd inhaled a bag of pop-rocks every time I took a deep breath. And there were a lot of deep breaths to take.

What's the deal with Raycroft? The guy goes down faster than an insecure teen at a rainbow party and his glove hand is slower than Jason Allison on a shoot-out. Somebody tie him to the freakin' cross-bar and tell him to stand up. He made some beauty saves along the way, but man, I don't know how much more of this I can take.

If the Leafs make the playoffs and I still have this cold I'm going to have to figure out the best booze to mix with my lemon and honey neo citron. It's the only way I'll survive nights like this (and as I sip another warm mug of this delightful medicinal concoction, my guess would be either vodka or lemoncello right in the mug or a well chilled glass of whiskey with plenty of ice that I can hold to my forehead whenever a player breaks down the right wing on Raycroft. Maybe both. If anyone else has suggestions, I'm all ears...)

At least the Isles won, making things a bit more interesting on Thursday night. By that time I may be watching the game from an iron lung.

Go Leafs Go.


  1. No heart attacks (it was close) but a vision before the overtime told me that the winner would be high over Biron's glove.

    The Isles win will make that game on Thursday a lot tougher and hopefully it will make the Rangers play Montreal that much tougher.

    Two days to recover before doing it all over again.

    And I would suggest gin for the neo citron if vodka or lemoncello don't work out too well.

  2. Anonymous11:14 pm

    I am thinking the best way to beat Raycroft is get some traffic in front of him and shoot high. It seems as soon as he loses sight of the puck, he drops to his knees and hopes for the best.

  3. "The guy goes down faster than an insecure teen at a rainbow party.."
    Hahaha, I read that like an hour ago, and still makes me laugh.

    Why was it that McCabe go the same amount of applause as Biron? I thought it was all A-OK now that he is gone from Zero to Hero...

  4. Whitey was so due, I'm glad he finally cashed in.

  5. Anonymous12:14 pm

    Sorry to hear you're under the weather, Mike. Are you sure it's a cold making you feel that bad or just the accumulated stress of watching the Leafs' inconsistent play all season?

    Does anyone really want this team to make the playoffs? If it can't hold onto a lead in the third against the worst team in the league what chance will they have against the Sabres in the first round? Is it worth it to make the playoffs only to go out in four straight? Wouldn't a higher draft pick in the first round potentially pay bigger dividends for this team, or would the playoff experience the young players would gain make it worthwhile?

    Mind you, making the playoffs means we beat the Habs on Saturday and that is always a great thing. So, Go Leafs Go!!!