Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sunday of the Resurrection?

Before I blather on, Mike Robinson has a great post over at budblog, I couldn't agree more with him...

I'm feeling rather pessimistic a few hours away from the big game. Have the Leafs met a must-win game this year they couldn't lose?

I’m doing Easter Weekend at the in-laws and am heading out to the 905 shortly (my father in-law is a Sabers fan from Calgary -I have no idea how that works…). While I’m sure the game will end up on the telly, I’m not so sure that internet access is going to happen, so depending on the outcome this may be my last post during the Leafs regular season.

I will be doing playoff predictions roundtable some time next week with four or five guest bloggers, so stay tuned…

As for game 82, I have no prediction, but I would not be surprised if the Habs eliminate the Leafs when the Leafs take a penalty in the final minutes of the game. Carbonneau will pull Huet/Halak and the dreaded Habs will pot one with just enough time on the clock for the Leafs to theoretically come back. Just enough time to have my hopes crushed twice in the same game when the Leafs come up empty.

The Leafs’ inability to hold a lead, Raycroft’s inability to generate a key save when it’s needed most, the club’s lack of discipline and poor PK all coming together in the perfect storm to end a rather middling year. (I guess I do have a prediction after all.) The tie pushes the Habs through, and the Leafs are done.

I've put together a little drinking game to help make tonight’s match somewhat more bearable (these type of games give me grey hair and ulcers), so chill the beer and cheer on the Leafs...

Habs shoot high glove on Raycroft – Drink
Habs score high glove on Raycroft – Drink half a beer
Harry Neale says Raycroft “didn’t have a chance” – Drain glass

Tucker gets dumped/ tripped/ hauled down in offensive zone with no penalty – Drink
Tucker yaps at ref while play goes back up ice – Drink
Habs go up ice and score – Drain glass

Cole can’t remember a Canadien’s name (e.g. “habs player”) – Drink
Neale/Cole says the next goal is important – Drink
Neale/Cole says one of the teams is going to try to tie up the score – Drink
Neale gives the distance from which a shot was taken (“That was a nineteen footer…”) - Drink

HNIC shows JFJ up in the gondola – Drink
JFJ is drinking a Tim Horton’s Coffee - Drink half a beer
JFJ is caught on screen rolling up the rim – Drain glass

Sundin scores to tie Sittler’s record – Drain glass
Sundin scores again, breaking Sittler’s record – Drink half a beer

Leafs win - drink to celebrate
Leafs lose - drink to dull pain

Go Leafs Go!


  1. Anonymous4:45 pm

    interesting drinking game. one notable absense is coaches corner. If don touches the table or ron,, thats a drink. First time my buddy and i snuck into a bar when we were 16 (game five leafs carolina, 1-0, tucker with the lone goal) we crushed a pither just in the break, take a wiz in commercials, order a new one, you're in your seats by the time puck drops in the second.

    I like where you're heads at in agreeing with changes needed soon. Sundin's going nowhere fast. Truth is, very few people in the LEAGUE, let alone the leafs, can command that team like Captain Mats. neider, lidst, prong, burnaby joe, roberts and rory fitzpatrick and very few others could don the C on the jers in this town.

    for tonights game, if the gods have a sense of humour and we pull of the w in 60, and NYI looses tomorrow, i really like our chances in the matchup against buffalo. Home crowd on both sides of the lake, we have mobile(ish) defensemen who along with good positioning have done a good job against the sabres, they have no match for sundin and the soviet bloc working the cycle. There is no getting away from there endless stream of 20 goal scorers, period. but in 7, strange things happen.

  2. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Rumour has it that Raycroft is finally done with the last of the servo motor implants that will allow Johnny Bower to control his motions. A monitor and joystick will be provided for Bower in a dimly lit back office to help keep Raycroft on his feet when the shots are taken. The glove hand servos have been tweaked and may actually move the glove toward the puck before it ends up in the net.

    Off to get my three cases of beer before the game starts. If I play by the rules, I will be too drunk to care what happens to the Leafs by the end of regulation time!

  3. Anonymous11:22 am

    I was thinking that you could have added an entry for every time Cole makes a mistake but then realized that there probably isn't enough alcohol in Canada to keep the game going for more than 1 period.