Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cap Update: The Big Swede Signs

Sundin Inks One Year Deal: Cap hit $5.5M

With a $48M cap, the Leafs have approximately $6.5M to sign Colaiacovo, Harrison, Williams a back-up goalie and acquire any new bodies through UFA/RFA signings.

Salary Commitments

PlayerPosStatus 06-07 Cap Hit07-08 Cap Hit
BelfourGYear 2 of buy-out $750K$750K
DevereauxFSigned to 2009$450K$650K
AntropovFSigned to 2009$1.125M$2.05M
KilgerFSigned to 2009$900K $900K
NewburyFSigned to 2009$450K$450K
OndrusFSigned to 2008$475K$475K
PohlFSigned to 2009$463K$463K
PonikarovskyFSigned to 2010$713K$2.105M
RaycroftGSigned to 2009$2M$2M
StajanFSigned to 2008$875K$875K
SteenFSigned to 2008$901K$901K
TuckerFSigned to 2012$1.59M$3M

Club option


Signed to 2008


Signed to 2008

BelakDSigned to 2008 $670K$670K
GillDSigned to 2009$2.075M $2.075M
KaberleDSigned to 2011 $4.25M$4.25M
KronwallDSigned to 2009$625K$487.5K
KubinaDSigned to 2010$5M$5M
McCabeDSigned to 2011$5.75M$5.75M
WhiteDSigned to 2010$453K$850K
WozniewskiDSigned to 2008$463K$463

Remaining Leaf RFAs

PlayerPosStatus 06-07 Cap Hit07-08 Minimum Cap Hit*
TOTAL $1,918,000

Salary cap is expected to rise to $47 to $48 million for 2007-08

* RFAs earning $600K or less, must be qualified with a 10% raise; RFAs earning earning $660,001 to $1M, must be qualified with a 5% raise - these are the required minimums only, players may, can and will likely sign for more (RFA Ponikarovsky's salary tripled; UFA Antropov's salary doubled).


  1. From tsn.ca:

    The one-way deal pays him $475,000 next season and $500,000 in 2008-09.

    Any idea how that number can jive with what you know about the CBA?

  2. Anonymous6:58 pm

    That means Kronwall's salary cap hit is $487,500 in each of the next 2 seasons. Also, $475K is the league minimum this season and I think that rised to $500K next year so essentially Kronwall is on a 2 year league minimum one-way deal.

  3. The only thing I can come up with is that Kronwall decided to sign for the league minimum in return for getting a one-way deal.

    Kronwall could have held out for a $656K qualifying offer, but looking at how JFJ qualified (or was it threatened to qualify?)Antropov with a two-way deal last year, he decided to give up $181K to take the guaranteed contract...it's nice to see JFJ use some leverage and it looks like a good deal for everybody.

  4. Anonymous11:29 am

    The benefits of having lots of money to spend is that you can offer $500,000 one way contracts and not mind if he sits in the minors and makes it. Other teams cannot really afford to do that, or at least not to too many players.

    But I have to wonder that with all these defensemen signed if one of White or Colaiacovo could be moved for a young, talented forward.

  5. Ian White I hope!

  6. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=210584&hubname=

    Mats signed for $5.5M.

  7. Not all of that money will be on the big club nor will it all count towards the cap.

    For example, at least $900K worth of defence will not be with the team (two of woz, kronwall, belak) and most likely Newbury, Ondrus, and Westrum won't make the team especially if Belak is kept as a utility player so that's another $900K-1.4M that will be in the minors.