Friday, June 29, 2007

Silver Fox to help the Gelding?

Following the public emasculation of JFJ, former Leaf executive and HHOF member Cliff Fletcher has thrown his hat into the three ring circus that is MLSE’s search for a senior consultant.

Fletcher’s first run with the Leafs started off with tremendous promise; however, like all things Toronto Maple Leafs, it ended with a whimper and left the franchise in a bit of a shambles.

Given the overwhelming success the Coyotes have experienced with Fletcher in a consulting role (the GM and much of his executive team fired, a $7.5M contract for Jovo, signing Brett Hull, a dismal draft history, the worst finish in franchise history, missing the playoffs four of the last five years…) I can certainly see why MLSE would be interested in bringing his unique vision to Toronto to assist JFJ.

Here’s a quick look at the possible new MSLE tandem:

Cliff FletcherJohn Ferguson Junior
NicknameSilver FoxThe Gelding*

Early hockey influences in their careers

Studied at the knee of the great Sam Pollock of the Montreal Canadiens

Roomed with Paul DiPietro with the Fredericton Canadiens
Big DecisionsEngineered blockbuster trade that brought Gilmour to TorontoOnce rented Happy Gilmore from Blockbuster
Respective teams’ winning percentage
in the three years prior to their joining
the organization
Phoenix 2001-2004

TML 2001-2004

Respective teams’ winning percentage
while they were with the organization

Phoenix 2005-2007

TML 2005-2007:

Made the playoffs…20% - Once in five years as GM/Consultant of Phoenix33% - Once in three years as GM
Great moments in prognostication“draft schmaft”"I did not anticipate a year-long [labour] stoppage…"
First and second round draft picks
traded while GM of the Leafs
1st to Philadelphia
1st to NYI
2nd to Hartford
2nd to Pittsburgh

(and many flips of first round picks to move up and down in the draft)
1st to NYR
1st to San Jose
2nd to NYR2nd to Phoenix 2nd to San Jose

(Also dealt former first round pick Tukka Rask)
The Gretzky Connection?Worked out a deal to make Gretzky a Leaf but was vetoed by ownsershipStill willing to consummate that deal for Gretzky if he can find cap room for Gretzky's salary demands

*not really, but I'm hoping it will catch on

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  1. Anonymous12:31 am

    I think you technically have to wait for MLSE to hire the senior consultant before JFJ can accurately be described as The Gelding. They do have to be snipped off, after all. Right now, I think they're still hanging on by a thread.