Monday, September 24, 2007

And then there were 40?

Earlier in the week, leaf coach Paul Maurice told the Toronto Sun, "By the time the Boston game is over, I'd like to pretty much have in place the team we hope to start the season with."

By my (admittedly unofficial and likely sloppy) count there are still about 39 players in camp.

As the Leafs haven't formally announced all of the cuts, here's my best guess as to which players are still fighting for work with the big club:

Antropov, Nik
Aubin, Brent
Battaglia, Bates
Belak, Wade
Bell, Mark (Suspended)
Blake, Jason
Boyce, Darryl
Devereaux, Boyd (IR)
Earl, Robbie
Foster, Alex
Gamache, Simon
Kilger, Chad
Leveille, Michel
Ling, David
Mitchell, Dale
Mitchell, John
Murphy, Colin
Newbury, Kris
Ondrus, Ben
Perrott, Nathan
Pohl, John
Ponikarovsky, Alexei
Salmelainen, Tony
Stajan, Matt
Steen, Alex
Sundin, Mats
Tlusty, Jiri
Tucker, Darcy
Wellwood, Kyle (IR)
Williams, Jeremy

Cashman, Reid
Colaiacovo, Carlo
Gill, Hal
Harrington, Chris
Harrison, Jay
Kaberle, Tomas
Kronwall, Staffan
Kubina, Pavel
McCabe, Bryan
Muir, Bryan
Oreskovic, Phil
Perry, Todd
St. Jacques, Bruno
Sifers, Jaime
Stralman, Anton
Walser, Derrick
White, Ian
Wozniewski, Andy

Clemmensen, Scott
Ford, Todd
Pogge, Justin
Raycroft, Andrew
Reimer, James
Toskala, Vesa

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