Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Final 25

Wow. This is it, eh?

Read over this roster, pause for a moment and ask yourself if this is really the best MLSE could do.

1. Antropov
2. Battaglia
3. Bell (Suspended)
4. Blake
5. Devereaux
6. Kilger
7. Newbury
8. Pohl
9. Ponikarovski
10. Stajan
11. Steen
12. Sundin
13. Tucker
14. Wellwood (IR)

15. Belak
16. Cola (IR)
17. Gil
18. Kaberle
19. Kronwall
20. Kubina
21. McCabe
22. Stralman
23. White
24. Wozniewski

25. Toskala
26. Raycroft

First puck drop is Wednesday evening against the Ottawa Senators. I have a feeling this year's "Battle of Ontario" will be remarkably similar to the Battle of Fredericksburg (with my beloved Leafs as the Union, of course).

Go Leafs go?


  1. This is going to be a hell of a long season.. I think it would be best if I *didn't* get the centre ice package to spare myself some heartache :(

    go leafs?

  2. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2007-2008 Maple Leafs! Catch the excitement!

    Of course you'll get the centre ice package. If Leaf fan didn't enjoy the heartache there'd be a much smaller following.

    Someday they'll win the cup and all of this pain will be forgotten....someday soon I hope.

    Go LEAFS!

  3. Anonymous3:57 pm

    It's funny, because this lineup is clearly better than what we had last year, but it feels worse for some reason. I still don't know where the goals will come from, but then I said that before last season too and they were there in abundance.

    As for Mike's comments about the Battle of Ontario, why should this year be any different than the last 10? Ottawa will dominate the season series again. The only difference is that if we meet the Sens in the playoffs I don't see us coming out on top for the 5th time.

    But, all that doom and gloom aside, it's so good that the long, long summer is over and hockey is back!

    Go Leafs Go!!!!

  4. I actually feel good about this lineup, not as good as I would feel if Wellwood and Bell were part of it that is.
    I refuse to count them out against the Sens, or anyone for that matter.

    But I'm not holding my breath.