Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Heaven holds a place for those who pray

Darcy Tucker, Leafs Nation turns it bilious eyes to you.

In game one versus the Sens, he turned the puck over to Fisher at the Ottawa blue line, never got back in the play and it’s a Sens win.

Tonight he takes a questionable penalty, Canes make it 3-1; turns the puck over at the blue line, Canes make it 4-1; takes another penalty to start the third, Canes make it 5-1.

I presume Tucker is hurt (I’ll give even-odds it’s a brain injury) as four games into this young season his numbers are positively Hatcher-esque: a team worst -5, pointless in four games, and the only thing he’s agitating are the fans.

How bad is JFJ’s decision to ink him to a multi-year $3.5M contract looking now? Perhaps Tucker will turn it around (and maybe Raycroft will re-discover his Calder trophy form).

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  1. Anonymous7:53 am

    Tucker has been bounced around like a rag doll out there this season. Every time he gets into a position where he might be dangerous, down he goes. This may have more to do with other teams knowing how to play against him now, but he is now almost as useless as McCabe.