Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't Call it a Comeback

Leafs 4, Philly 3 (OT)

It's games like this that make me realize why I follow sports.

For weeks, everything about the Leafs has focused on magic numbers, tragic numbers, the post-season point-gap and a never ending list of must-win games. In short - everything but what really matters: the game on the ice.

And then a game like this comes along. Big hits, nice goals, lots of tension. That third period may be the most fun I've had watching a game since the lock-out (sadly three years without your team in the post-season will do that, I suppose). I stood up and yelled when Poni missed the empty net with about 40 seconds to go.

The Leafs may stink. The post-season dream may have died months ago. The organization still needs to undergo a massive re-build and the game reports may be full of negativity, but I can't wait to see what happens at the re-match in Philly.


  1. Anonymous12:40 am

    Stunning, wasn't it? In my quarter-century of watching the Leafs, this year's team is one of my least favourite. But dammit if they didn't play a hell of a game tonight. The scramble in the last minute of regulation had me on the edge of my seat as if it were a playoff game.

    They showed grit! They had some balanced scoring! They came back from a 3rd period deficit! Damn them! They even had the Silver Fox out of his seat. If they continue to play like this, I am going to enjoy the hell out of the ride to 9th place ;)

  2. Anonymous10:16 am

    I was listening to the game on the radio in the car driving along with Spouse. After the Leafs scored to get within a goal, I got noticeably quiet - listening intently to Dennis Beyak's game call - and Spouse noticed. She was confused, and asked me, "Didn't you tell me you just want them to lose and get a better draft choice?" She was right, of course - when Briere scored a minute into the third, I said something like, "Good, that's it - they've lost, they're dead and we can just forget about the playoffs and concentrate on the draft".

    This team is tough to like, aside from VeTo, Sundin and (for me - I know this is not universal) McCabe. All I could tell her was that it's complicated being a Leaf fan.

  3. I don't care that the Leafs are ruining their chance at a high draft pick and that they're not going to make the playoffs.

    This run has been a lot of fun. Last night standing on the couch pumping my fist in the air reminded me why I clear out my schedule to watch the blue and white far more often than I probably should.