Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I think Nelson's going to die for sure

Look, I know the Sabres are pretty much out of the playoff hunt: three points back with two games to go and two teams to leap frog makes it a long-shot at best. I also know the game meant nothing to the Leafs.

But if I was cheering for Philadelphia, Boston or Carolina, I wouldn't be too happy with the Leafs sending out Williams, Kubina, and Pohl to finish off the shoot-out.

Just think about the anger Leafs Nation sent New Jersey's way for sitting Brodeur in the final game against the Islanders last year. At least Lou had the plausible excuse of resting his starter before the Playoffs.

Then again, the way Maurice has been running his bench I'm surprised he didn't reach all the way back to the first intermission and call on this crew to take on the Sabres in the shoot-out.

He may be 9 years old, but his glove hand is quicker than Raycroft's


  1. Fair point, but who should he have used?

    Sundin, Antropov and Wellwood? All hurt.

    Jason Blake? The weak wrist shot from the side boards doesn't work any better in the shootout than it does during regulation.

    Ponikoravsky? Miller could have countered that easily by showing him an open net, causing instant vapor-lock.

    Bryan McCabe? You run the risk that he heads towards the wrong net.

    I think Maurice was just playing it safe.

  2. I'm actually cool with Maurice sending over the kids. With all that Pohl's gone through with his brother it would have been fantastic if he scored the winner.

    If I could change anything, I would have preferred another look at Stralman.

  3. I would have liked to see anton too...