Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mike Smith and the legend of Curtis Joseph

MC79 has a very interesting post up today that draws on a recent Mike Smith Blog entry over at THN. Both are worth the read...

Smith was the Associate General Manager of the Leafs during the Ken Dryden years and was part of the group that brought in Pat Quinn. According to Smith's post at THN, he was the one that signed Curtis Joseph. It's far different from the "going out for ice cream and coming back with a goalie" version of the tale that Ken Dryden told.

Who knows where the truth lies on this one (or if it matters...)


  1. that is a very interesting post by Smith...especially in light of the fact that he says Meehan was calling him every morning. i always thought it was the teams doing the chasing, but in this case cujo was courting the leafs, and was willing to wait for us...

  2. Anonymous4:51 pm

    What's really interesting is this comment:

    "There were several top defensemen available, among them Uwe Krupp, Dmitri Mironov and Jyrki Lumme."

    I don't think any of those three qualify as a "top defenceman", unless JFJ is making the decision.

    Or how about this gem: "The top forward we signed was Steve Thomas." I love Stumpy but a "top forward"? He was a great 2nd or 3rd line winger but he was never a true 1st liner.

    With thinking like that, is it any wonder that Sundin never had a great winger to play with, other than a few months with Mogilny and Roberts?