Friday, June 20, 2008

Shared a pack of lies for lunch

I'm on a west-coast vacation until July 1.

Instead of my usual routine for avoiding work and procrastinating at the office, I'm riding monorails, taking ferries and going to baseball games. As a result, I'm four-thousand kilometers and three hours further disconnected from Leaf news than usual.

All of this is to say, I likely won't be posting anything on the Leafs' efforts at the draft, any upcoming trades and other manoeuvres. (Having read Gare Joyce's Future Greats and Heartbreaks, I'd also advise any Leaf fan out there to take draft day analysis from the usual suspects with a big chunk of salt)


Not sure what to make of the Jamal Myers deal. He should bring some much needed toughness and some skill on the PK - two areas the Leafs have been rather, ahem, short on.

On the surface, given all the talk of restructuring, youth movements and re-building, a third round pick sounds a bit high. But according to this site, a 3rd round pick has about a 12% chance of playing 200 games in the NHL. Mayers will be two-thirds of the way to that total with the Leafs when his existing deal runs out.

At 33 and a bottom six forward, there's no point in getting worked up over such a minor deal (it's no second rounder for 15 games of Yanic Perreault) at best, I'm hoping this is but one piece of the bigger picture and am willing to take a wait and see...


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