Thursday, October 23, 2008

Leafs v. Bruins Game Preview

File this one under "careful what you agree to."

The guys over at Kynch's Bruins Corner suggested we exchange pre and post-game write-ups for tonight's Leafs - Bruins tilt.

I've provided a look from a Leafs perspective over at their site.

And this is what they sent me. I can't believe that photo is still making the rounds...

Maple Laughs hit the Hub.....

..... be careful!

Game one of the Toronto Leaf fan invasion of Boston.

Say what you will about the Leafs, but their fans travel well. Every rink on the east coast tends to be over run by guys like our poster boy here...oh, and some "normal" guys & gals find their way as well.

Toronto is in what is openly being called a rebuilding year. However, their record is stunningly close to the B's to this point. Toronto enters tonight with 5 points on a 12-3 record. Boston, who fully expects a playoff appearance and more, has 7 points on a 2-1-3 record. I guess the good news is, if it goes to a shoot out, SOMEBODY is going to change their teams' luck in that area.

This will be a much different Leaf team than we're used to seeing. While Sundin basks in the early winter glow back home, his former mates are trying to create their own identity. You know, one that includes winning.

With Sundin out of the mix, the Leafs have some scoring issues, averaging 1.83 Goals Per game to date. Boston counters with an attack that is much improved from last year, averaging 3.0 goals per. Toronto has allowed an even 3 goals against, while Boston is only slightly better there, at 2.67 GAA. What do all those stats mean? Not a damn thing.

While I firmly believe Boston is by far the more talented team, Toronto always seems to find a way to make it tough on them.

As far as indidual performers, Nik Antropov leads the way for the visitors with 3G 2A. Kessel & Savard lead the Black & Gold with 6G 1A and 5G 4A respectively.

If Boston can sustain the kind of pressure they had against Buffalo in the first period for a full 60 minutes, they could skate away with an easy win. Toronto has a TON of issue's on the Blue Line (although promising rookie Luke Schenn has been a nice surprise for them.....albeit a -3 at the moment). I can see Boston easily potting 5 or 6 goals tonight against that D.

And let's be honest, the two headed monster of Vesa Toskala and Curtis Joseph doesn't instill much fear in anyone (except Leaf fans of course).

Long gone are the Tie Domi days where you knew a physical game was on tap. And with noted irritant (and RAT BASTARD) Darcy Tucker gone, Toronto doesn't really have much of a physical swagger to them anymore. Sure, they brought in Jamal Mayers, but he's hardly a heavyweight and not anyone to be overly concerned about. Mayers will play a fairly physical game, but again, not a guy I'm worried about if he does decide to drop the gloves. He's the proud owner of TO's only two fighting majors on the season, and I doubt he's in a hurry to make it number three. But hey, if he wants to, he's got a few willing and able partners in Thornton, Lucic or anyone else that usually gets involved.

Bottom line is, Boston has the edge everywhere. Offense up front, defense, physicality, maybe even in net, assuming Thomas gets the start. Then again, if Fernandez start opposite Cujo, it could be a wash.

I see Boston winning this one 6-2. Yeah, I know....that's a lot of goals. Whatever. I like it.

No fights, but it could be a chippy "spirited affair", especially if Boston gets the big lead.

Go B's



  1. 3-2 Leafs...In a SHOOTOUT!!!!!1

  2. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Likely Boston Bruins 4, the rebuilders 2

    Scott, Ajax

  3. Anonymous12:37 am

    @ scott - right score, wrong teams...

  4. Thanks again Michael for the help on this co-effort and Yikes! It was a bad night for the friggin Bruins decide to provide a "no show effort" against what I was surprised to see was a very spirited group of Leafs, which quite frankly I'm not used to seeing or expected? Give credit where credits due though and we'll just have to forward to some more co-postings between our blog sites and the return of your Buds and a different result on November 11th back here in Boston. Keep well & Go B's! - KingKrej46 of Kynch's Bruins Korner