Friday, December 05, 2008

Come back, my little piece of mind

Tomas Kaberle was benched during the first period against the Coyotes last night.

Kaberle's post-game reaction can be watched here - 7th video clip on the right.

You'll notice some Clinton-esque frown lines on the young Czech and a pretty interesting nervous tic at the 1:25 mark when he's asked about going minus four, like he's doing his best David Brent impression.

Ron Wilson's remarks on the matter can be watched here - 6th video clip on the right.

Kaberle questioning starts about 25 seconds in and Berger provides further ammo for Wilson's contention that the media ask dumb questions at the 1:42 mark.


The biggest, and perhaps most important, challenge facing the Leafs this season is getting Kaberle back on track.

With his age and reasonable salary, Kaberle could be an essential part of the rebuild in Toronto, but only if he can find his old game.

Conversely, if he's going to be traded for much-needed young talent, the Leafs need to ensure they maximize their return. And that's something Burke is going to have a hard time doing if Kaberle is watching games from the bench and pressbox and going -3 each time he straps on the blades.


  1. You know, Burke is seen as loyal to his players, maybe he'll be able to settle Kaberle down.

    Is Tomas worried about being traded? Sure he has an NTC but maybe he feels pressured to waive it.

    I dunno.

  2. After watching that video, all I want to do is take Tomas in my arms.

  3. nice video