Friday, January 02, 2009

Pop open a bottle of bubbly, here's to another goddamn new year

My final tiny contribution to the New York Times Hockey Blog is now up.

Sadly, the Times is bringing in 30 new bloggers for 2009. It was fun representing the Barilkosphere and responding to the Times' questions. I'd like to thank Jeff Klein for asking me to take part and I'd encourage you to surf over to the NYT and check out what they're up to with their hockey blog.

The final question from the Times, "Besides your team winning the Stanley Cup, what is the most heartfelt wish you have for hockey in 2009?"

Obviously, I went with labour troubles, more third jerseys, a reality show based on 24 hour coverage of all things Sidney Crosby and the Habs winning the Cup. Would love to hear what other hockey fans are hoping for this year...

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