Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In the front seat, going tweet tweet tweet

There was an interesting discussion at uber Leaf Blog (and new Yahoo! partner) PPP yesterday on the NHL, blogs, twitter and social media (you can read that convo here). By happy coincidence, this morning brings us an interview on that very topic with the NHL's Director of Corporate Communications Michael DiLorenzo.

One of the more interesting observations in that piece:

All of the NHLs key metrics are tracking upward revenues, attendance, subscriptions, e-commerce, TV ratings, etc. - but we’re competing with some pretty dramatic storylines that impact billions of people. One of the other challenges I have is keeping up with the growing social media environment, and trying to keep track of everything that is written about our brand.
I think it's great that the NHL has worked hard to be an early adopter of social media. Any time I can get info that doesn't have to pass through the Toronto sports media filter, I'm a happy man.

You can read the interview here and you can follow Mr. DiLorenzo on twitter here.

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