Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Playoffs: That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

I made the mistake of watching TSN on Sunday night. They ran a story on a loop re. the Leafs as playoff contenders and being buyers at the trade deadline.

I should mention that the on-air "talent" spoke of "playoffs" without any trace of irony. April fool's day isn't for another 28 days, so I have no idea what the producers at TSN were smoking.

The Leafs have gone 4-0-3 in their past seven games, earning 11 points in the process by beating the Islanders (3oth overall), Sens (27th overall) and Rangers (three wins in their past 10) and getting three more sympathy points from OT/SO losses to Columbus (16th overall and outside the playoffs), Vancouver (10th overall) and New Jersey (4th overall).

This isn't the type of win streak that playoff dreams are made of - only two of these six teams even have a winning record.

The NHL Playoff Predictor has the Leafs' odds of making the post-season at 1.2% - that's about 1% higher than I would have guessed. Playoffs and trade deadline buyers indeed.


  1. It's one thing for me to parade around the internet hollering PLAYOFFS!!!1 like a lunatic, but it's another to say that the Leafs are buyers at the trade deadline. Now that's lunacy.

    And I'll try to tone down the Playoffs!!!1 stuff. It'll all be over with in a few days.

  2. @eyebleaf - I prefer "Playoffs?"

  3. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Playoffs? Playoffs?

    Luckily, this nonsense about the playoffs is not coming from the Leafs this year. Even after the impressive game against NJ on Tuesday, Wilson was quick to deflate any thoughts of making the playoffs.

    So long as Burke doesn't start drinking the TSN Kool-aid it doesn't matter.