Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Draft Day Intrigue?

I'm not usually one to get involved in trade rumours or speculation, but a few articles have emerged that are worth a read.

In a nutshell: if John Tavares goes first, it will be draft-day business as usual - Hedman goes #2 and Duchene goes #3. If, however, the Isles pick Hedman, well it seems now you've got a story...

A month or so ago, TSN's Bob McKenzie predicted that very scenario unfolding with Hedman going to the Islanders. (I have a tendency to take shots at the media while safely ensconced in my mum's basement but I want to go on the record here: let it be said that when Bob McKenzie talks, I listen.)

[The New York Islanders] Will take Victor Hedman. But I won't say they will take him at #1. By the time it's all said and done, the Islanders will have Hedman but not necessarily pick him first overall.
In a June 16 interview Chris Botta asked Bob McKenzie to follow up on this thought and McKenzie said:
I can tell you this: if the Islanders do not draft Tavares, there could be high drama on the draft floor. Tampa Bay will listen to every offer it gets in those minutes.
High drama? Cue the Lightning...Damian Cristodero filed a June 15 St. Petersburg Times story that lines up pretty well with McKenzie's take:

There are many variables that will be juggled if the Islanders take Hedman. If they take Tavares, it all probably falls into place.

So, if Tavares goes first overall trade talk will get quieter than an empty church.

But if, as McKenzie and Cristodero suggest, Hedman goes first overall, there's a deal to be made.

I hope Burke can do something reasonable to move the Leafs up to a higher pick (in a previous entry, Botta suggests the cost of the #2 draft pick is a top prospect, a second round pick in 2009 and a top five first round pick in 2010).

The draft can't come soon enough...

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  1. I would suspect the deal between Toronto and Tampa (if it were avaialble) would have to include the Leafs #7 pick from this season, and a second round pick next season, as opposed to 2nd rounder this year and a top 5 next year, from the Tampa perspective.