Friday, August 07, 2009

Maple Leafs Annual 2009-10

Good news for those of you who are tired of reading my leaf-centric writing for free on this blog (or tired of paying to read my non-leaf corporate writing in such trade magazines as Liv, Hospital News, and Commercial Shipping Monthly).

Alec Brownscombe and the fine folks at Maple Street Press have brought together some of the best hockey bloggers out there to contribute to the “Maple Leafs Annual 2009-2010″

Maple Street Press Leafs Annual

The publication will be available on newsstands, Wal-Marts and drugstores across the GTA and in Indigo-Chapters stores across Canada as of September 8th.

Anyone that wants to pre-order a copy can do so here.


  1. What's your piece about, mf?

  2. "The Snit Hits the Fans" - Are Leaf fans to blame for the 40 year drought?

  3. Excellent. Is it wrong for me to be waiting by my mailbox for delivery of this thing...?

  4. I'm excited for this. Picking up my copy for sure.

  5. Paul Steckley3:30 pm

    If your article in the Annual is as good as the one you did in the last Commercial Shipping Monthly, everyone is in for a treat. My view on jellyfish and their role in commercial seaway trading routes will never be the same.

  6. Paul - I penned an article on plankton, jelly fish and fish counts a few years back (I wish I was making this up). One of the scientists I interviewed was great, the other was one of the worst people I've ever had to talk to.

  7. Just finished reading your article in the Maple Leafs Annual (my copy from Maple Street Press arrived today), and I just had to drop by your site and give you a metaphorical tap on the back of your pants with the blade of my virtual stick. There are a number of really good pieces in the magazine, but yours was an absolutely fantastic read. I still have a number of articles to wade through, and I was intending on sitting up late into the night and poring over the magazine 'til I'd read every last thing in it, but I enjoyed your piece so much I have resolved to put the book down and savour the experience of having enjoyed it so much.

    Great job. My site is down right now, some shit about a server re-boot, so I can't confirm this - but I'm pretty sure I had you pegged as the dark horse to outshine everybody involved in the project and (without meaning any disrespect to any of the other contributors) I think you've proved me right.