Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cox Bloc II: Damien's Revenge

One of my favourite sites in the Barilkosphere was Cox Bloc - don't look for them, they're not there anymore. When Godd and Till called it quits last June, I thought it was a real loss for Leaf fans.

When they came calling on me a few weeks later and asked if I wanted to start a new blog with them that would examine those places where sports, business, pop-culture and bad satire intersected, I jumped at the chance.

Three months (and 4,159 rejected names later) the new space - zambonic youth - has finally launched. And if you love Italian Futurist jokes, you're in for a real treat.

I'll continue to post Leaf-centric material here plus a bi-weekly (or so) piece at Pension Plan Puppets and a slice of hockey and pop-culture with Godd and Till at Zambonic Youth every week.

I hope you'll continue reading and commenting here at bitterleaf (and, of course at uber Leaf blog PPP) - and I hope you'll venture over to the new space too.


  1. Sorry I'm at my maximum number of blogs.

  2. I'll follow you wherever you go...

  3. Anonymous12:17 am

    Hope leaf fans like goon hockey, theres a reason they haven't won the cup since 1967, the owners a just counting their money, here we go now football players on skates.

  4. Anonymous - this comment is gold.

    You should really get your own blog where you can take these fantastic ideas and expand them into thousand (if not 10,000) word missives.

    Please let me know when is up and running and I'll add you to the blog roll.