Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Leafs Podcast with the guys from PPP

Every few weeks I do a podcast where I talk all things Leafs with the fine fellows of Leaf blog Pension Plan Puppets.

In Episode 12, Chemmy, PPP and I discuss:
  • The Leafs six games in;
  • The Brett Lebda/ Carl Gunnarsson shuffle;
  • Sports journalism - why so much Hyperbole;
  • Bruce Dowbiggin, Damien Cox and Puck Daddy Radio;
  • The fate of the Ottawa Senators (will Kovalev score 35 pts this year?); and
  • How many points will the Leafs have at the 10 game mark.
PPP Podcast 12 is available via iTunes or you can listen to it directly from this site.

1 comment:

  1. Paul Steckley10:01 am

    Tony from Woodbridge here. First time caller, long time (okay first time) listener.

    I loved the podcast, especially the glass three-quarters empty (so true!) and Patrick Roy comments.

    Podcast has been added to my subscriptions.