Friday, November 12, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus Have Fallen Off

“If you want to take the bows when the team is winning, then you better take the heat when it’s not winning. It is ultimately my responsibility. I drive the bus, I decide who gets on the bus, I decide who gets off the bus. If the bus is stuck in the ditch, then ultimately that’s my responsibility."
Leafs GM & President Brian Burke

I'll play along...

Before the bus left the station, it was pointed out to Mr. Burke that the brakes were shot and the power steering fluid was low. Burke decided to top up the windshield wiper fluid and take the bus through a car wash before setting off on a difficult journey.

That he ended up in a metaphorical ditch should come as a surprise to no one.


  1. The bus isn't in a ditch. It's careened over the side of a cliff and is burning in flames. And I can't turn away.

    Happy drinking.

  2. Anonymous3:48 pm

    That was an excellent analogy.

    This team is in trouble and it appears no one knows what to do.

    Calling up Kadri and Aulie is a start though. If we're going to suck then we're better off giving ice time to the kids.

  3. Anonymous2:07 pm

    So let me get this straight, Burke took a undeniably crappy bus that, people like yourself claim it should not of been taken out and driven due to all its faults and certainly before (all) problems have been fixed and shame on him for not having it fixed just after two years?

    I know that many can point to the Kessel trade but after amassing young free agent signings, ie bozak, hanson, gustavsson and others in his two years, his thinking might of been why not get a true elite player to develop along side other players what otherwise been similar to players that would of been considered an early pick had they been drafted and developing at this point?

    So many want the "traditional" rebuild and claim patience to endure a 5-10 yr rebuild but after this current year, his second so far, I think you're all full of shit. If you are clamoring over just 2yrs, no way you can handle a full rebuild - actions do speak louder than words.

  4. Anonymous No. You missed the point: it's not about a full rebuild, it's about mitigating risk.

    Out of training camp in 2009, Leafs biggest need was a goalie. Burke did nothing until January.
    By not waiving Toskala, he buried the Leafs.

    This off-season, it was exceedingly clear the Leafs two biggest needs were a veteran centre and offensive punch.

    Instead, he paid a ridiculous sum for a 3rd line winger and too much for a 7th D. He did nothing to upgrade the team at C or enough to shore-up their offence.

    That the team has stalled should come as a surprise to no one.

  5. Paul Steckley12:25 pm

    The real question is what parts were available in the off-season? I can't think of any true number one centre who was available on July 1st. Jokinen? No. Morrison? Probably a good 2nd or 3rd guy but no longer a true number 1 (although he probably would be with the Leafs, and undoubtedly would have been a good pick up by Burke, but not more than a 1 year solution). Bozak showed enough at the end of last season that he deserved the chance to prove himself. Burke's loyal to his players, which I appreciate. If you look at what was actually available, there wasn't much to get excited about.

  6. Paul The Leafs should have signed Morrison. He has the identical contract to John Mitchell and has put up a dozen points this season.

    For those who like intangibles, Morrison could also offer a much needed veteran presence in the room with Armstrong and Phaneuf out.

  7. Paul Steckley5:47 pm

    No argument there. I'd take Morrison over Mitchell any day and twice on Saturday night.