Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bitter Leaf Turns 6

I started this blog six years ago - March 26, 2006. The Leafs were floundering as an organization, they were out of the playoffs, the GM's moves were not panning out, and the future looked cloudy. It's hard to believe how much has changed...

Over the last six years, I've posted nearly 500 entries, been read by maybe 35 people and logged a very small number of page views. More importantly, I've found a somewhat productive outlet to deal with the Leafs and the frustration and disappointment that unites us all.

A look back at some of my favourite posts from the past six years:

  1. My very first post: Tedesco, Ferguson and Me
  2. Toronto sports media story generator (this one might be my favourite)
  3. Taking on one of the most tired tropes: Are the Fans to blame?
  4. On JFJ's Reign of Error and his firing
  5. First Leafs games - my daughter's and my son's
  6. Top Ten items I'd like to see banned from Leafs coverage
  7. An open letter to the Ottawa Senators
  8. My first anti-Burke post - 7 months before he was hired
  9. On Sundin and the Leafs' captains - I'm so sick of Goodbyes
  10. Some dislike for Darcy Tucker here, here, here, here, here and here.
Thanks to all of you who have read an entry, left a comment or sent me an email. Hopefully I'll be able to put up a post about the Leafs winning a playoff game when this Blog turns 10.


  1. "I build my blogs from the net out"

    "Blogspot is the Vatican of free blogging platforms"

    "I'm never going to Cloutier another post again"



  2. Anonymous11:38 am

    Six years is awesome. Congrats. I started to read your blog when I lived in Paris and now I live in Toronto I enjoy it even more! Just wish you wrote more but then that's me just being greedy!


  3. Looking forward to the very first ecstatic BLF post sometime in, oh, 2016 or so?
    Congrats, Michael. Always a great read.

  4. Congrats on the milestone!

    I always enjoy it when a post pops up on my RSS feed.

    Something tells me you'll always have a ~lot~ to write about, with this organization :)

  5. Loved this line from the JFJ post:

    "JFJ habitually sought to acquire high-risk high-reward players like Lindros, Allison, Raycroft, and O’Neill. And in every single case, the risk won."

    Your writing makes me feel not quite proud about being a Leaf fan, but at least less shamed.