Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Last Goals I can remember

Larry Robinson on a shot from the point, game four, overtime.

A forgotten Minnesota North Star over a sprawling Mike Palmateer.

Sergio Momesso from 65 feet out (at least). Five Hole. I was on the floor in a university student residence, 500 kilometers from Toronto, fighting the static, desperately trying to maintain a weak AM reception.

Was it Gretzky from behind the net, banked in off Dave Ellet? I’ve had many groggy mornings warmed by a dream so palpable that I was convinced the Leafs came back and won.

Greg Adams (Greg @#%& Adams!) in double overtime. They scored so quickly, I don’t think I’d even sat down.

A warm spring night, sitting on my back porch, watching with the neighbours who brought their TV out into their yard. Gelinas chipped it in. It seemed like slow-motion. Overtime, game six.

Roenick with a laser to the top left corner. The ACC went as quiet as a Church.

Martin St.Louis, 10.7 seconds left in overtime, while the Leafs sat in their dressing room half a continent away.



  1. That brings back some memories! For some reason I always remember a mid-season spectacular goal by Mirko Frycer in a mean nothing game against Winnipeg.

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    Joe Pelletier

  2. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Roenick broke my heart. The lockout was looming, Eddie getting older (too old, as we saw this season) and while I know we wouldn't have made it past Tampa, it still hurt.

    Martin St. Louis. After all of Mats' heroics, Matt Stajan showing (once again) that he has awesome potential... ouch. At least I had comfort there- after seeing our entire roster right before the season started I knew we wouldn't make the playoffs. But man... Mats deserves to. He really does.

  3. Karina, I couldn't agree more. Roenick really closed a window with that goal. Everyone knew there would be no hockey for some time, at least a season. Somehow, the Leafs had managed to claw their way back in to tie it up. It seemed like momentum was on our side and then that fatal wrist shot ended it all...