Friday, April 14, 2006

Tragic Number Update

The Leafs Tragic number is now one (it's actually a fraction due to ties, OTL, SOL, etc.).

The main thing to know is: if the Leafs lose another game in regulation or should Tampa win another game (be it in regulation, overtime or the much dreaded shoot-out) the Leafs are booking tee times.

Tampa's shoot-out loss to Carolina puts them at 90 points with two games to go (and a maximum 94 pts on the season). The Leafs, with 86 points, have three games left to play, which means their potential points total maxes out at 92.

In the event that the Leafs and Bolts end the season tied at 90 points, the Lightning make the cut as they'll have more wins (42) than the Leafs can collect to get to 90 points.

If the Leafs and Bolts end the season tied at 92 points and 42 wins each, I have no idea what happens next. I think the Leafs might squeak in as they picked up one more point (5) than the Bolts (4) in the head-to-head season series.

**Update** The National Post has a longer, fuller explanation here.

Either way, the table is set for the Sens to officially knock the Leafs out of the playoffs on Saturday night.


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