Monday, October 02, 2006

Finalizing the Roster **Updated 9:30 PM**

The Leafs waived defenceman Brad Brown today and shifted Nik Antropov to the IR.

The club has until 3PM Tuesday afternoon to finalize their opening night roster.

No cuts have been formally announced by the club in about a week, but this is who's left according to the scraps I've found from various transaction wires, tea leaves and old my math they have one man left to cut...

1. Battaglia, Bates
2. Belak, Wade
3. Kilger, Chad
4. O’Neill, Jeff
5. Peca, Michael
6. Pohl, John
7. Ponikarovsky, Alexi
8. Stajan, Matt
9. Steen, Alex
10. Suglobov, Alexander
11. Sundin, Mats
12. Tucker, Darcy
13. Wellwood, Kyle

14. Gill, Hal
15. Harrison, Jay
16. Kaberle, Tomas
17. Kubina, Pavel
18. McCabe, Bryan
19. Moro, Marc
20. White, Ian
21. Wozniewski, Andy

22. Aubin, Jean-Sebastien
23. Raycroft, Andrew
24. Tellqvist, Mikael

Injury Reserve
Ondrus, Ben (F)
Antropov, Nik (F)
Bell, Brendan (D)
Colaiacovo, Carlo (D)
Kronwall, Stefan (D)


  1. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Add Antropov to the IR. Looks like O'Neill will get a temporary reprieve.

  2. What an odd club - and to think we're nearly maxed out on the salary cap with this motley bunch...I'm speechless.

  3. I really am starting to wonder who is going to score all the goals...

    I mean, I guess it is possible that Poni, Steen, Suglo, Pohl, etc ALL have break-out 20+ goal seasons, but how likely is it?

    Poor Mats, he deserves so much better than a fate resigned to carrying the likes of Mike Johnson's and Alxi Ponikarovsky's water for them for his entire career.

  4. Anonymous8:54 am

    It gets even weirder if you look at a salary breakdown for the forwards. It reads like this:

    Mats - $7.6M
    Everyone else - ~ $1.8M or less

  5. Anonymous2:24 pm

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