Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Finalizing the Roster (with special thanks to the IR)

I've been having some weird dreams lately.

The other night I dreamt I had to go back to re-do the final year of my undergraduate degree. I arrived at school and was notified I had to move back into residence too. My room had horrific ancient purple demask wall paper that was easliy 100 years old and the ceiling that had more holes than Ed Belfour in 2005. There was rain water coming in everywhere. Strangest part was that everyone else thought this was perfectly normal. No one could understand why I was so perplexed.

Last night I had another strange dream. The Leafs were about to start the season against Ottawa and an alphabetical listing of their first five skaters went Battaglia, Belak, Gill, Kilger, O'Neill...

1. Battaglia, Bates
2. Belak, Wade
3. Kilger, Chad
4. O’Neill, Jeff
5. Peca, Michael
6. Pohl, John
7. Ponikarovsky, Alexi
8. Stajan, Matt
9. Steen, Alex
10. Suglobov, Alexander
11. Sundin, Mats
12. Tucker, Darcy
13. Wellwood, Kyle

14. Gill, Hal
15. Harrison, Jay
16. Kaberle, Tomas
17. Kubina, Pavel
18. McCabe, Bryan
19. White, Ian
20. Wozniewski, Andy

21. Aubin, Jean-Sebastien
22. Raycroft, Andrew
23. Tellqvist, Mikael

Injury Reserve
Ondrus, Ben (F)
Antropov, Nik (F)
Bell, Brendan (D)
Colaiacovo, Carlo (D)
Kronwall, Stefan (D)

Yikes. This is going to be a long season

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