Friday, March 02, 2007

Leafs TV

Chris Zelkovich reported in today's (02/03/07) Star that:

You may not have to pay for Leafs TV much longer. The Leafs are trying to negotiate a new deal with Rogers that would make the channel available to everybody free of charge. The catch is that you'll only get it if you have a digital box

Note sure what this means for all those folks stuck with Cogeco, Shaw and Bell.

I've never shelled out for the service, I felt like paying the Leafs directly was like rewarding incompetence, but I'd be quite happy to have it as part of my digital cable package.

Anyone care to guess how many games will get moved to Leafs TV next year?

Chris Young is somewhat back to blogging at the Star with Startsportsblog - described as, "The Star Sports staff invites you to share the links, the lore, the lunacy and all the other L's (and occasionally, the W's) that stir the Toronto sports fan."

So far (and no surprise here) it's been a really great read.

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  1. LOLOLOL! I would NEVER pay to see the Leafs! Not only can they NOT play as a team, they are ONLY in it for the money! This teams gives NOTHING to the fans! Other teams hold OPEN practice's FREE to their fans! It ALL ABOUT THE MONEY with the Leafs! I have lived in Toronto all my life, and have and will never give my support to the Toronto Maple Leafs! Such a shame! The tickets are so high priced, that the average family CANNOT see them play! The Leaf players AND the corporate side should be ASHAMED of themselves!