Wednesday, February 06, 2008

CBC Interview

CBC News at Six swung by my house tonight (February 6, 2008) to interview me about the Leaf's season and what it's like to be a fan after that 8-0 debacle at the ACC.

I have zero recall of what I was asked or what I actually said (my kids were watching Dora in the background and actually yelled out "Swiper!" during the interview, likely when I was at my most insightful).

I'm sure my seven seconds of air time on the evening news will be as thrilling and rewarding as last night's Leaf game.


  1. Mike Forbes - you bugger! saw you on the newscast! Looked good!

    Chris P.

  2. Anonymous9:31 pm

    You did fine...I work for CBC - it's exactly the kind of bite they look for.

    I wanted to tell you I've been a Leaf fan since WHEN THEY WON the cup....I was on Bay St in the victory parade...ancient history. But I won't start hating them just because they don't win. It's's a "game". And the Leafs are my team. It's a hard thing to be sometimes, in Oiler country.

  3. Anonymous12:30 pm

    We demand a youtube link.

  4. Thanks for the comments - sadly there will be no youtube link or archival footage, at least not from me...

  5. Along with a youtube link a bunch of us are wondering what happened to the Leaftown link? Its a good blog with an alternative spin on things, but the blogger actually backs his arguments up with factual evidence. I think its a great compliment to your blog, although there are differential opinons your blogs are the 2 best Leaf blogs around and I know there are a a lot of Leafers in here that agree!