Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's the match-ups, stupid

Not to blather on about the last minute shift choices again, especially after an allegedly hard-fought win (I didn't watch the game - I went to see Juno, quite liked it) but what the hell are Blake and Tucker doing on the ice in the final minute trying to protect a 3-2 lead?

Leafs get a last minute change on the fly and somebody wearing a suit and tie and standing behind the bench thought Tucks and Blake were suddenly shut-down forwards? Did an usher from the platinums sneak back there to set up the final line combos?

Bottom five in the PK.

Bottom five in the PP.

Out-shot 14-1 to start the game.

Bad line matching sends the game to OT.

If the new President/GM wants to affect real change, looking behind the bench might not be a bad place to start.


  1. Anonymous12:16 pm

    Couldn't agree more - Maurice is part of the problem.

  2. Yes, I've had plenty of problems with Maurice's coaching decisions.

    I still remember a game in October against the Penguins. Down by a goal, last minute, powerplay and he decides to pull the goalie.

    Naturally, the high scoring Penguins scored to secure the win. I thought that was a terrible decision and putting Blake and Tucker on to protect a one goal lead is equally bad.

    Having said that, even better coaching wouldn't get this team past the first round of the playoffs.

    Mr. Fletcher, it's your move.

  3. It's very obvious, and I would say it is a given, that Maurice reached his level of incompetence when he was promoted from the Marlies to the Leafs. However, I agree that a move should be made after this sorry season is over.

  4. If Maurice could coach half as well as he interviews, the Leafs would be cruising.

  5. MF37, Its about time you finally realized the mess that the coaching staff has created for this team, seeing as they have created issues for the past two seasons.

    Looks like you have been reading my blog after all.